Var tvungen att prova vilket djur som stämmer in på mig oxå.
Så snopet det blev...

You're a Human!
With extreme power comes extreme destructiveness, and you've had plenty of both to share with your peers. While you're capable of a great deal of beauty and joy, your skill in creating misery seems almost boundless at times. You've made a big fuss about how you're smarter than everyone else, but all they can see is how you've used those smarts for ill. At this point, your best hope is to turn to those around you and start caring about them. It would also be advisable to get rid of some of your stuff, and preferably not by throwing it away.
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Postat av: Jessica

haha va kul. de får ja prova:P

2008-02-09 @ 11:30:21
URL: http://missdeardiary.blogg.se
Postat av: Maja

OK, nu har jag testat nummer 2:

You're an Ant!
Ridiculously strong and hard-working, you almost never find time to rest. Despite the aghast protests of your peers, you never seem to want to rest either. You're at your best when working with a team, and long lines don't seem to bother you. Just about the only thing you can't take on with a cheerful and industrious attitude is cinnamon. You have a niece or a nephew.

En myra - dom gillar inte jag!!!

2008-02-10 @ 00:41:19

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